Scams & Frauds


  • Do face 2 face deals.
  • Do research to know the seller, employer, agent, landlord etc.
  • Do inspection of goods & items before making any offer.
  • Do visit of seller, employer, agent, landlord etc. location.
  • Do everything about your bargain in written form.
  • Do fair transactions and avoid scam to win an opportunity.
  • Do beware of about offers involving shipping.


  • Don’t extend payment to unknown individuals or companies.
  • Don’t be getting involved in illegal activity to make money.
  • Don’t disclose your financial information.
  • Don’t purchase unseen goods & items.
  • Don’t be scammed of get rich money.
  • Don’t trust on pictures – a digital camera can affect your judgment.
  • Don’t be reluctant to report any scam & fraud to relevant authority.