Who should post free ads on instaclassifieds.com?

There is no restriction, everyone can post free ads.

How user should create an account to post free ads?

Free ads can be posted without creating an account.

How many images users can upload for their free ads?

Users can upload four (4) images of up to 1 MB each.

Can I post free business ads on instaclassifieds.com?

Yes, you can post free business ads at your own risk.

Users are allowed to post adult or duplicate free ads?

We are very sorry but this is contrary to our ad policy.

Why my free ads disappear after few days of posting?

Scam or contrary to our policy free ads are deleted.

Can I submit an abuse report to instaclassifieds.com?

We appreciate your time please write to us.

How I can contact instaclassifieds.com for more help?

We are always at our user service, please contact us.